Certified Provider Details

Get Certified!

  1. Attend the AgingOptions 2-Day intensive Cross-Training for Professionals
  2. Learn LifePlanning principles that will set you apart from your peers and improve outcomes for your clients

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What do you receive?Certified_Provider_Seal

  • Online Marketing
    • FREE Enhanced Listing in the LifePlanning Resource Guide
    • “Certified Provider” Gold Star highlight on your Enhanced Listing
    • Users can sort by Certified Providers Only – you will be in this exclusive result
    • FREE Business Profile Page in the LifePlanning Resource Guide
  • Introduction to potential clients through education
    • Opportunity to help facilitate local Workshops
    • Answer questions on your topic of expertise in front of local LifePlanning Workshop participants

What are the Certification commitments?

  • Certification Dues: $99 per month, per individual
  • Adhere to the Certified LifePlanning Provider Principles of Practice
  • Encourage LifePlanning for your clients
  • Continuing Education: Two hours per year. Provided by AgingOptions at no additional cost

Being a Certified Provider comes with More Values to choose from

Get special Certified Provider pricing on the following marketing options:

  • Local Radio Marketing
    • Two radio spots featuring you and read by host Rajiv Nagaich during his live show
      $599 (Available to greater Seattle Certified Providers Only!)
  • Guest Appearance on Live Radio Show
    • Join host Rajiv Nagaich live on-air to answer caller questions in your field of expertise
      $2,499 (Available to greater Seattle Certified Providers Only!)
  • Priority Placement Online: Upgrade your Enhanced Listing in the LifePlanning Resource Guide:
    • In search results, you show up in one of the top 3 spots (based on proximity and category)
      $99 per month (compare to $125 per month for non-providers)

Limited Time Offer: Referral Network

  • Coordinate an educational seminar for your client base within first 90 days
    • AgingOptions provides marketing material
    • Option to co-brand if preferred
    • Each referred client earns a credit worth $10 toward dues or marketing options
  • Refer existing and new clients to special Seminars designed only for Provider clients
    • AgingOptions assists in tracking referrals from and to you
    • Additional referrals earn credits toward dues or add-ons

Get started

  •  Call 253-237-7034 to enroll in the next Certified Provider training.
  • Still want to learn more? Attend a Free 2-hour Professional Seminar to learn how becoming a Certified Provider can be a benefit your business and your clients.