Large Group Solutions

AgingOptions is at the forefront of retirement education.

Our goal is to fundamentally change the way America thinks about, plans for, and navigates retirement. AgingOptions’ founder, Rajiv Nagaich, invented a new approach to this set of problems, which we call LifePlanning™. A LifePlan™ is a blueprint for the totality of a family’s set of short, mid, and long term decisions, and synthesizes those choices across Health, Housing, Legal, Financial, and Family considerations. This level of comprehensiveness has not existed before, and it provides the most valuable benefit of all to participants:

  • How do I know if my Financial Plan is truly complete?
  • Is my medical provider giving me all the care I should get?
  • Can I live out my life in my own home? 

A LifePlan™ answers these questions and more.

Through our Certified Provider Program, we deliver LifePlanning™ through our 5-part Workshop series (click here to see workshop details). These are x5 2-hour sessions facilitated by our cross-trained professionals who are experts in each field. Participants receive Workbooks that are made up of all the topic-specific modules necessary for the full course. At the end of the fifth session, the participants will have been fully armed with the blueprint they need to finalize their life’s major decisions, and move on to implement the ones most important for them.

We are excited that you are considering joining us in this mission. Your group or company deserves a better way to think about, plan for, and navigate retirement.

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