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Certified_Provider_SealAn individual who engages in LifePlanning will find they'll benefit from the involvement of qualified professionals from  many industries. To help our customers know which professionals can best help them reach their retirement goals, we've created a program called AgingOptions Certified Providers. We feel that these professionals are the most qualified to help people prepare for their retirement so we highlight them in this website, invite them to attend/host live events, and refer them in our LifePlanning tools. 

Professionals can qualify as AgingOptions Certified Providers when they enroll in our specialized training program to understand the LifePlanning approach to retirement, learn to recognize their role in the clients' overall retirement plans, and engage in educating others. 

See below for details about the AgingOptions Certified Providers program. 

Why LifePlanning?  Because your clients are more likely to fail than succeed in retirement: Not because of lack of effort on your part to help them prepare – but despite!

What does failure look like for a retiree?

  • Despite 90% Americans hoping to live out their lives in their own homes, less than 30% will be able to realize this hope!

  • Despite hoping not to become a burden on loved ones, 85% of Americans will feel they have become a burden when their health fails them; and

  • Most retirees will lose some of their hard-earned assets to uncovered and long-term care costs, some losing all their assets in the process.  

The Cause?  The way one traditionally plans for retirement.  Traditional planning is fragmented and ineffective to address issues that have emerged over time for the present-day retiree to deal with.  

The Cure?  LifePlanning: Retirement Planning Upgraded/Reinvented/Reimagined.  LifePlanning is multi-disciplinary retirement planning, coordinating the clients planning efforts around Health, Housing, Financial, and Legal planning efforts, and turning into a plan that is accepted by involved family members.  

Intended Outcomes.  LifePlanning goals are to help a client:

-    Avoid institutional care;
-    Protect Assets; and
-    Not become a burden on loved ones.  

How LifePlanning is different?  LifePlanning is not just a marketing gimmick based on some buzzwords and creative explanations of retirement planning methods; but is a ground-up reinvention of the planning process.  It accomplishes this by recognizing that though the same client spends a lot of effort planning different aspects of one’s retirement life, generally there is little to no coordination between these planning disciplines.  Understanding that to properly plan for a good retirement a typical client will need to plan around health issues, housing needs, financial and legal issues, LifePlanning looks at each component to understand the gaps left by traditional planning in these areas and then develop solutions to fill the gaps.  Here’s how:

  • Health Icon Healthcare.  Traditional notions of health planning revolve around enrolling in health plans to gain access to healthcare after one falls ill, by which time it will be too late for a client to avoid institutional care. LifePlanning notions of healthcare planning revolve around accessing the same health care system from a prevention point of view.  Not falling ill is what it takes not to end up in a nursing home or a burden on loved ones. 
  • Housing Icon Housing.  Traditionally, there is little planning around the housing issue other than having a strong desire to be able to live out one’s life in one’s own home, even though less than 30% of retirees are able to realize this hope. Given this reality, LifePlanning re-imagines planning around the housing issue with the aim of helping a client build a real plan to ensure that when a client’s illness will prompt a cascade of preplanned events to unfurl, designed to minimize the need for institutional care, without the need for family members to take on the role of unpaid care givers.  With a proper housing plan a client should have 80% assurance of being able to avoid institutional care without becoming a burden on loved ones.  
  • Financial Icon Financial.  Traditional financial solutions around aging center around building wealth and buying a long-term care insurance policy.  But, Casey Kasem and Tim Conway clearly illustrate that $80M plus estates by themselves were not enough to allow either to be able to live out their last days in their homes after they were afflicted with dementia – establishing that in the end is it not the size of the estate that is as important as the use of the resources. To that end, LifePlanning coordinates financial planning efforts with health, housing, and legal planning so that in the end when the client is no longer able to advocate for their own needs the planning process will lead those managing the assets to know how to use them to help the client avoid institutional care without requiring family to become unpaid caregivers.  
  • Legal Icon Legal.  Traditional legal planning centers around creation of legal documents that delegate authority for identified agents to act in various roles, with the assumption that the named agents will be able to figure out what needs to be done when the time comes.  LifePlanning redefines traditional legal planning by establishing new standards that responsible legal document development needs to adhere to, because it is simply not enough to assign responsibility and authority without guidance.  LifePlanning helps clients create Manuals of Instructions that lead the agents to follow a clear path so that there can be higher predictability of outcome for the client with minimization of burdens on agents.  
  • Family Icon Family.  Finally, LifePlanning is built on the foundation that aging, in the end, is a family affair.  It is the family, not the government, not the professionals a client works with, who will be the ones primarily impacted when incapacity strikes.  To that end, LifePlanning aims to work with clients to build a family-friendly retirement that aims to enroll the acceptance of roles and responsibilities assigned by the client, with knowledge of the pathway and steps the agent will need to take in order to make hoped for outcomes come true.    

The result?  Clients having predictability of outcome, protection of assets, and assurance of not becoming a burden.  

Your Clients.  You can bring this education platform to help your clients substantially improve their current retirement planning efforts.  As the referring partner, you keep control over your client’s planning journey.  The client works through the planning process that results in a Retirement Blueprint, a step by step instruction outline on what the client needs to work on in order to develop a well-coordinated plan around health, housing, financial, and legal issues.  You, as the referring partner, get to hold the clients hand to refer them to providers you feel will be best suited to help your client, and you take credit for the client having a more effective retirement plan, all thanks to you caring enough to lead the client to a LifePlanning solution.  

New Clients.  Gain referrals from fellow allied Certified Providers to offer LifePlanning compliant solutions, not just traditional solutions.  As you introduce your clients to the LifePlanning process, so are professionals from other disciplines.  They all will need to work with professionals in other professions who understand and offer LifePlanning compliant services.  This gives you exposure to quality pool of prospective clients otherwise closed to you.

How it all comes together.  LifePlanning is delivered through a Workshop series. Each session is presented in a classroom setting, with professionals like you answering questions throughout their area of expertise.  LifePlanning Workshops are also delivered through the AgingOptions.com online portal. This website includes a Resource Guide of local providers and highlights those who are Certified in LifePlanning.

As would be expected, participants seek out professional providers who have been trained and Certified in LifePlanning principles. The majority of participants engage the services of one or more Certified Providers they have met through the Workshop.

For your clients who do desire a more individualized solution, AgingOptions will make LifePlanners available to work with your client through your offices.  LifePlanners are trained professionals, competent in the multi-disciplinary planning methodology.  LifePlanners work one-on-one with the client to develop an individualized LifePlan. We call this Custom LifePlanning, and it includes a customized planning Roadmap, checklist of action items, and provider categories to work with. Within these categories, the LifePlanner suggests 3 Certified Providers closest to the client, indentifying issues the client needs to work with and professionals who can offer the services needed to complete their LifePlan.  The LifePlanner can then coordinate the work with you to help your client complete the planning process, so you still remain the quarterback of your client’s LifePlanning journey.  

Why you want to be part of this movement and what it takes.  You can be part of this ground floor movement that is gathering steam, so as to:

  • help your client be better prepared for what lays ahead

  • stand out from your competitors

  • and attract new business without spending time and money on ineffective marketing programs.  

Certified Providers get trained in the principles and methods of LifePlanning, and understand how critical it is for their clients. As Certified Providers refer their clients to a LifePlan, they gain opportunities to receive new clients to serve.

Learn more about how you can join this growing network of AgingOptions Certified Providers!


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