About Us

AgingOptions helps people and successfully plan for and navigate retirement. Founded by the nation's foremost authority in retirement planning, Rajiv Nagaich and with the assistance of countless industry leaders from a targeted range of professions, AgingOptions has identified many of the pitfalls of traditional retirement planning, and the dangers that lie in wait for those who have inadequately planned. We work to educate the public about comprehensive planning and help them build a blueprint for their retirement; train related industry professionals about the important role they play in their client's planning process how how it is a proactive, multidisciplinary approach that leads to success; and we connect them through a variety of events and products. 

If you are retired, thinking about retiring, or have a loved one who is, or if you are a professional that provides services to these groups, then AgingOptions wants to work with you. Together we can bring peace of mind to the final 3rd of life.