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Rainier Rehabilitation Center

920 12th Ave SE, WA Puyallup 98372

(253) 841-3422 |

LONG-TERM CARE: Long-term care may become necessary when an individual requires assistance with physical and emotional needs or when a person’s medical condition requires more attention than can be given at home or in an assisted living facility. Illness, disability, and injury requiring medical intervention, or failing ability to care for oneself, may necessitate the person’s need for care over an extended period of time. The individual’s stay may be temporary, lasting just a few weeks or months, or the nursing center may become the person’s home. Whatever the length of stay, Kindred’s nursing and rehabilitation centers provide the interdisciplinary team necessary to meet each resident’s care needs while providing medical oversight. ACTIVITIES: Maintaining involvement in your hobbies and activities of interest enhances comfort and healing. Our certified staff of activities professionals will help develop a personalized plan that revolves around your preferences. We strive to keep individuals connected with their communities by incorporating: • small clubs • entertainment • spiritual enhancement and reflection • outdoor recreation • individual pursuits REHABILITATION SERVICES: Our physical, occupational and speech/language therapists work with residents nationwide confronting a variety of conditions, from stroke to dysphasia to Parkinson’s disease, as well as conditions resulting from elective surgeries, multiple trauma or recovery from amputations. The rehabilitation team creates an individualized treatment program developed with the interdisciplinary team of nursing, social services, activities and dietary in consultation with your physicians. The team members’ objective is to play an integral role in helping you regain your health and reach your maximum functional ability. NUTRITION SERVICES: The dining experience is an important part of a resident’s medical and social well-being. Therefore, meeting the nutritional needs of our residents with well-balanced meals and snacks is just one part of a resident’s overall plan of care. Our team of nutrition professionals includes a Nutrition Services Supervisor who manages the foodservice operations and a Registered Dietitian who evaluates the nutrition needs of our residents. They work together to meet the goal of the Nutrition Services Department to prepare meals that taste great, as well as meet the special dietary needs of our residents. We invite you to visit and see for yourself the face of quality care.