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FinancialWelcome to the Financial section of the AgingOptions Resource guide. Here you will find resources to help you create a progressive retirement plan that we call LifePlanning. Select from the options in the left menu to view professionals and services in your area.

Most people think that by having a healthy nest egg they will be fine financially in retirement. However the truth is that no matter how big your nest egg, without proper planning your money will not help you avoid institutional care and hardships in retirement.

In the Financial Section of the AgingOptions Resource Guide you will find a comprehensive list of professionals dedicated to helping you financially in retirement. From accountants to financial planners, to bill paying services and bookkeepers, our list will help you find whoever it is you need to ensure that you don't run out of money in retirement and that your loved ones don't become unpaid caregivers. Finding the professionals you need can also be a difficult task, especially finding trustworthy professionals. If you are having difficulty finding professionals, or it is all a little overwhelming, we recommend that you check out the LifePlanning Solutions page of our website to get started on planning your retirement in a comprehensive manner and finding the professionals you need.


Learn how strategic, multi-disciplinary planning affects your retirement by visiting:

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