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LegalWelcome to the Legal section of the AgingOptions Resource guide. Here you will find resources to help you create a progressive retirement plan that we call LifePlanning. Select from the options in the left menu to view professionals and services in your area.

There is a plethora of legal preparations and documents that go into retirement. You need your Powers of Attorney, you need a Will, a Trust, etc. These documents will not only allow your fiduciaries to legally make decisions for you when you no longer can yourself, they help your fiduciaries make the decisions you want them to make when you cannot communicate with them. But you can't draw up these documents yourself, and you need a good, trustworthy attorney to make them. Where do you start looking?

The Legal section of the AgingOptions Resource Guide is a comprehensive directory of the professionals you need to ensure that your fiduciaries are empowered to make decisions for you when you no longer can, and to ensure that you will not become a burden on them. If you are having trouble narrowing down the specific professionals you need, check out our LifePlanning solutions page for a more in depth look into what you need to retire successfully.


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